Complete Deluxe School / Sports Haversack First Aid Kit Bag

Safety First Aid

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Product Overview

  • "Tough, water resistant haversack with adjustable shoulder strap"
  • Contains the items needed to treat minor injuries on-site
  • Double zip closure
  • Eight internal compartments allow contentsto be organisedand grouped for easy location when needed


1 x First Aid Guidance Leaflet
20 x Assorted Fabric Plasters
20 x Assorted W/Proof Plasters
2 x Eye Pads c/w Bandage (Sterile)
3 x Triangular Bandage
6 x Safety Pins
2 x Medium Wound Dressing (Sterile)
2 x Large Wound Dressing (Sterile)
1 x Extra Large Wound Dressing (Serile)
10 x Moist Cleansing Wipes
5 x Disposable Gloves (pairs)
4 x Blister Dressings
5 x Clinical Waste Bags (Self Seal)
3 x Cool Jel Sachets
1 x Foil Blanket
2 x 250ml Eye Wash
1 x Resus Face Shield
1 x Instant Cold Pack
8 x Paper Stitches 4x38mm
1 x Microporous Tape 2.5cm
2 x Waterproof Dressings
4 x Adhesive Dressings
1 x Petroleum Jelly 200g
1 x Virucidal Disinfectant Spray 50ml
1 x 5cm Zinc Oxide Tape
1 x First Aid for Children Pocket Guide
Note: Contents may vary


(No reviews yet) Write a Review