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Gama Healthcare - Statement for Clinell on the Ebola virus


Friday 10, October

Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans. The current outbreak has identified the need for effective infection control practices internationally. Ebola belongs to the virus family Filoviridae. These are filamentous enveloped viruses. The lipid bilayer envelope anchors glycoproteins essential for the virus to infect. Therefore any agent disrupting the lipid envelope will inactivate the virus and destroy its infectivity. That means surface active biocides like the quaternary biocides found in Clinell Universal and highly oxidative biocides, such as peracetic acid found in Clinell Sporicidal, will be effective. We would not recommend the use of CHG wash cloths.

The virus is spread by contact with body fluids and blood from infected persons, so environmental surface disinfection and hand hygiene is crucial to prevent spread.

The Clinell Universal Wipes and Spray are effective for surface, skin and environmental disinfection in preventing Ebola virus contamination. The Clinell Sporicidal is an extremely effective environmental and surface disinfection. This virus is highly infectious and easily spread as it is in various types of body fluid, including diarrhoea. At present the infective dose is unknown, but it is probably a very small number of virus particles.

Because it would be ideal to have one wipe which can be used on surfaces and skin we recommend the use of Clinell Universal Wipes.