St John Ambulance Deluxe Sports First Aid Kit

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Product Overview

  • First aid kit for sporting emergencies
  • Fully stocked
  • Ideal for sports venues, clubs and events
  • Includes tapes, strapping, warming and cooling products for sporting related injuries
  • Zenith shoulder bag for fast access.

Deluxe Sports First Aid Kit

This comprehensive kit is perfect for all sporting emergencies and can be used for any sporting activity. Packed in the Zenith shoulder grab bag, the contents are easily accessibly thanks to various internal and external pockets and the durable bag can be quickly carried to a casualty.

The long lasting and robust pouch of ripstop polyester gives durability and minimises tearing. The pouch is PVC backed offering some water resistance. The tough handle withstands constant use and carrying of heavy contents, also making it easy to carry to the casualty.

Deluxe Sport First Aid Kit containing:

  • 2 x Crepe bandages 7.5cm x 4.5m
  • 2 x Disposable heat retaining foil blankest, adult
  • 2 x Non-woven sterile swabs, 4ply 7.5cm x 7.5cm (packs of 5)
  • 2 x Steri-strip 0.3cm x 7.5cm (packs of 5)
  • 2 x Zinc oxide tape 2.5cm x 5m
  • 2 x Microporous tape 2.5cm x 10m
  • 2 x Koolpak® instant hot packs
  • 4 x Koolpak® instant ice packs
  • 2 x Sterile moist cleansing wipes (packs of 10)
  • 4 x Non-sterile disposable triangular bandages 90cm x 90cm x 130cm
  • 2 x Crepe bandages 5cm x 4.5m
  • 5 x Low-adherent absorbent dressing pads 10cm x 10cm
  • 5 x Low-adherent absorbent dressing pads 5cm x 5cm
  • 1 x Tuff-Kut scissors
  • 1 x Green plastic tweezers 11.5cm
  • 3 x Nitrile powder-free gloves, large (pairs)
  • 2 x Safety pins, assorted sizes (packs of 6)
  • 1 x Koolpak® Kool spray
  • 1 x Eye wash bottle 250ml
  • 4 x Eye wash phials 20ml
  • 2 x Tissues (packs of 10)
  • 4 x Small yellow clinical waste bags 36cm x 46cm
  • 2 x Face shields
  • 6 x No. 8 medium dressings 7.5cm x 10cm
  • 4 x No. 9 large dressings 10cm x 12cm
  • 2 x No. 16 sterile eye pad dressings
  • 2 x Sterile finger dressings 3.5cm x 3.5cm
  • 1 x Blister plasters (pack of 4)
  • 4 x Washproof plasters, standard clear, assorted sizes (packs of 10)
  • 1 x First aid in an emergency booklet


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