Ovelle Hand Hygiene Essentials


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Product Overview

Ovelle Hand Hygiene Essentials are designed to be used together for best results.

The Ovelle Hand Hygiene Essentials pack contains:

Ovelle Hygienic Hand Wash is a sensitive hand wash with enhanced antibacterial protection to gently cleanse skin, while moisturising coconut botanicals and Vitamin E leave hands feeling soft and refreshed without stripping natural oils. 

Ovelle Advanced Hand Sanitiser Gel is a non-sticky, disinfectant hand rub containing 70% alcohol and is clinically proven effective for control of viruses and bacteria. Sanitises and disinfects hands quickly. Contains moisturising Glycerine and gentle Aloe Vera to help soothe and repair hands. Kills 99.99 % of all bacteria. Effective for frequent use, even on sensitive skin.

Ovelle Hydrating Hand Cream contains a blend of coconut botanicals and emollient moisturisers to hydrate and soften all skin types, especially dry skin. Formulated without fragrances or colours, it gently soothes the hands while repairing your skin’s natural barrier. 

  • Suitable for use on eczema/dermatitis prone skin & scalp
  • Clinically proven to be kind and mild to sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically approved & safety tested
  • Suitable for frequent use
  • Certified cruelty free & vegan


(No reviews yet) Write a Review