HypaClean Non Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitiser, 500ml

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Product Overview

  • Ideal for reducing skin irritation
  • Foaming hand sanitiser effective against bacteria, viruses, mycobacterium and spores
  • Independently proven to EN1503
  • Reduced risk of skin irritation
  • Alcohol free

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser is independently proven to be effective against a wide range of micro organisms. Due to the sanitiser being alcohol free it is suitable for people of all faiths and for use by children.

Alcohol free hand sanitiser is gentle on skin, reducing the risk of irritation and skin sensitisation.

HypaClean Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitiser can be purchased in 50ml and 500ml bottles. 50ml bottles are ideal for keeping in a pocket, hand bag or anywhere close to hand. 500ml bottles are great for communal areas, reception, office desks etc.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review