DIN Standard Vehicle First Aid Kit

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It is required by law under the Road Traffic Act 1986 that all minibuses and coaches should carry a first aid kit suitable for treating minor first aid injuries.

It is a requirement by law to carry a Din Standard First Aid Kit in most European countries.

This compact kit contains DIN standard items to comply with the European Law.

Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5cm x5m 1
Plasters Elastic Textile Plaster 8
Bandage Large Sterile  1
Bandages Sterile 3
Dressing Medium 60cm x 80cm 1
Dressing 40cm x 60cm 2
CPR Mask 1
Elastic Gauze Bandage 8cm x 4m 3
Elastic Gauze Bandage 6cm x 4m 2
Bandage Triangular 2
Scissors First Aid 1
Gloves Pair 4
Blanket Foil 1
Guidance Leaflet  First Aid 1


(No reviews yet) Write a Review